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This comprehensive program equips participants with essential Data Science and Analytics skills, blending theory and practice. From foundational concepts to cutting-edge techniques like Machine Learning and Time Series Modelling, the curriculum is designed to deliver a well-rounded education. Hands-on lab sessions and real-world case studies reinforce learning, ensuring participants can apply their knowledge effectively. With a focus on industry-relevant applications, the program prepares learners for successful careers in the dynamic field of Data Science.

Software Testing is a method to check whether the actual software product matches expected requirements and to ensure that software product is Defect free. It involves execution of software/system components using manual or automated tools to evaluate one or more properties of interest. The purpose of software testing is to identify errors, gaps or missing requirements in contrast to actual requirements.

With this course you'll gain 360° knowledge of programmatic advertising and ecosystem in the digital world.

This course will help you learn the latest analytics techniques used to drive Human Resources business function from Hiring to Retiring

Power BI is a collection of processes, architectures, and technologies that transforms raw data into meaningful and informative content that helps to drive profitable business actions. It supports fact-based and logical decision-making by analyzing historical data rather than assumptions.

Interviewing skills are your ability to interact with the employer or interviewer and show them why you are the best-fit candidate for the job role. Your interview skills give an interviewer insight into how you will communicate in the workplace and solve problems. It also shows if you can actively listen and be honest in your work. All these factors tell your potential employers how well you will fit in their work environment.

During your interview, the employer may pay attention to your answers and the non-verbal cues you use while answering questions. These skill set helps you highlight the best features that can differentiate you from other candidates with similar qualification and work experience.

This course covers two important elements - Resume Building and Interview Skills